Edit: 8/27

After a beautiful jaunt to the fertile delta of Ephemerisle, the Bayesian Conspiracy is returning to the much less forgiving environs of Burning Man in 2011. We have been placed in the Playagon village at 3:55 and E.G -- I think the F road is obstructed by Playagon village, and we will be right about where F would be. Time Colony is at 4:00.

This year, we are asking for $300 dues from campers. Creating a non-capitalist utopian society with communal shelter, good food, water, kitchen, some air conditioning, and not even close to all of the comforts of home is quite expensive for a first time theme camp -- I myself am participating at the sponsorship level of $1000. 

We had a total of 30 slots that are now mostly filled. We have 3 tickets available now. If you're interested, please email me at kfischer &! gmail (* com and let me know as soon as possible.

For those that would like to camp nearby but prefer a more DIY experience, there will likely be unreserved camping space just across the road from us.

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[-][anonymous]11y 3

Hooray, our Bayesian neighbors!

The Time Colony is all ears if you have any ideas for apparently acausal antics!

yo bayesian

i stopped by the tridome a handful of times throughout the week, and i was curious if i could reconnect with some of the people i met. you may remember me from when we brought

Hey Paul, awesome to see you again, I'm Mike =)

blume dot mike at gmail dot com

I'll be right next to the Bayesian Conspiracy (I'm part of Futurecamp!)


We had a few people drop out so now have plenty of room at the Bayesian Conspiracy. Note that the $300 dues is for food/logistics/communal stuff at our camp, your Burning Man ticket itself is in addition.

I will be camping with Cydonia, a non-theme camp that will be somewhere near 5:15 and F. I hope to see some of you there!

I'll also probably find you at the Pittsburgh party again.

Every part of this comment is true for me, too.

Hey User:Kevin I sent you an internet email in the last 24 hours about "that issue", make sure to read it because you didn't respond.