Rationality Activism: Open Thread

by atucker1 min read4th Mar 201118 comments


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So as I read around the discussion section I keep coming across ideas (like thisthis, this, or this) which all seem to be very related to the same topics:

  • How do we use rationality to better contribute to the world?
  • How do we spread rationality among other people?

Other posts talk about similar things.

I have been interested in this for a while now, and have gotten some great feedback.

But now I'm wondering how many groups, other than SIAI, are trying to do this. It seems like it would be silly to have something like this stagnate because of a simple coordination problem.

So if you are, please come forth and comment. If you're interested, do the same. Share what you know, learn from others, maybe maybe maybe get the ball rolling a bit more.

I changed the title (originally "Rationality Activism Groups") to reflect the more discussion-oriented nature of this thread.