Bet Payoff 1: OpenPhil/MIRI Grant Increase

by Ben Pace 1 min read9th Nov 201711 comments


takes a deep breath

It has come to one of those most special times. A time when a long-term bet is resolved.

Gregory Lewis (aka Thrasymachus) made a bet with me that the Open Philanthropy Project would not report an increased confidence in MIRI's impact, nor an increased grant size in the next 2 years.

And today, just 4 months later, the Open Philanthropy Project has announced (early) a 3.75 million dollar grant to be spread over 3 years (that's half of MIRI's budget each year; it may also be increased if MIRI's budget increases), and that this was in large part due to a significant update of their views on MIRI after a very positive review of MIRI's work on Logical Uncertainty by an external Machine Learning expert.

The initial bet and wording is at my (4 month old) facebook post here.

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