I'd like to keep up a consistent TAP habit where I:

-routinely add new TAPs

-check that I'm performing existing TAPs

-re-rehearse TAPs that seem to have fallen on the wayside

I have some ideas about how to implement this but I'm curious to here: what setups do you guys use?

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Upon adding a new TAP:

  • I practice it around 10 times (if possible)
  • I put it in a section of my daily notes/TODO text file where it will remain for ~1 week
  • I add it to anki (any spaced repetition system works fine). I consider the TAP flash card 'wrong' if I am not following the TAP.

If I notice that I am not following the TAP, I manual reschedule the anki card to ensure it comes up immediately.

This works ok for me.

(also, you can enable markdown in user preferences if you would prefer that, I see that you used '-' for a bulleted list)

Thanks, this is helpful. From this I have an idea of what I'll try

  • I have a journal template I'm going to start using today
  • will add a daily recurring section of TAPs I want to implement and pay attention to (maybe to be added to each Sunday?)
  • for long-term TAPs, I'll try a coda SRS template (I use SuperMemo normally but can't use it for this since the algorithm is too good and on 3rd rep I've seen cards get to like 2 month intervals. wouldn't work well for checking on my TAPs)

I'll report back next Sunday how it goes.


How many TAPs do you currently have?... (read more)

Just 9. I also started adding TAPs relatively recently.