This Sunday: Oxford Rationality Meetup

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This Sunday there will be a rationality meetup in Oxford.

Where: Entrance to Exeter College, Turl Street (map here)
When: 5-7pm, Sunday January 30th

We'll be discussing artificial intelligence and existential risks. We plan to split into two groups to ensure we have something for everything. This looks like it'll be a really interesting discussion.

Also, Anna Salamon from the Singularity Institute will be joining us! She's leaving the UK soon, so this is a great chance to discuss some ideas with her.

We also have a new game to play at the beginning ;)

My number is 07595983672. See you there!

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I'll be there!

I'll be there.

When is the next meetup?

I enjoyed the meet-up, and talking to the computer vision people there.