I'm testing LW polling features. I haven't found a good guide online for the polling features. I tried googling, reading the FAQ and LW search. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be very thankful.

[poll]{Option 1}{Option 2}{Option n}




[poll:Good....Bad] [poll:Good.Bad]

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Okay, so I guess this wiki is out of date.

It is indeed, basically the entire wiki.lesswrong.com domain isn't actually kept up to date. The FAQ is mostly up to date, and so far we haven't re-implemented polling after moving to LW 2.0, alas. Although I think you might be able to make elicit prediction embeds.

When did the move to LW 2.0 happen? I guess all the embedded polls I see in the 'surveys' tag in recent years are elicit prediction embeds. I'll look into that. (I want to make a survey on cruxes in the AI-risk debate.)

Yeah, I miss the polls too. There was some experiment with voting here and I hope we will get back voting some time.