This post is to call to attention a large number of broken images in the sequences that completely hinder the ability to comprehend the posts.

For example, the Quantum Mechanics sequence is almost completely unreadable:

The URLs of the broken images are such as the following:

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Yep, we are still working on finalizing the image import. Sorry for that.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but in case you’re not:

The versions of the Sequences on contain high-quality, vector (SVG) versions of all the diagrams in all posts. (Take a look at How an Algorithm Feels From Inside or Distinct Configurations, for instance.) If you like, you’re quite welcome to use these versions of the graphics (which the CC license in any case lets you do, of course).

The zipped archive of the site (downloadable from the About page) contains all the images (so you needn’t laboriously download them from each page).

Whoa, this is pretty great. Curious if you created these images manually, or used some automated process?

Manually, yep.

Cool. Deeply appreciate the effort you put into that.