Rationalist (well, skeptic, at least) webcomic.

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Mystery Solved is more or less a webcomic about a gentleman adventurer/debunker.


I came across it earlier today and I figured some here might be amused.

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This seems to be just mindkiller and applause lights, and from an artistic perspective it's mediocre at best. Relevance is not a sufficient condition to read things with no other merit what so ever.

Then again I only read 2 pages so maybe it's better in other places that I didn't encounter, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

Not downvoted, but only because any rationality related art is so desperately needed that it shouldn't really be discouraged no mater how bad it is.

Mostly agreed, except for the last sentence. "This is terrible but it agrees with my politics so I'm willing to put up with it"? That's pretty much the canonical form of awful art.

That's for the act of linking to it not for creating it. And I only consider it justifiable because the extreme deficit in transhumanist art as a subject matter, not as a political statement. Comparably bad literature - an area where transhumanism is much better represented - would not get such a free pass.

Also trying to create appreciate art is admirable regardless of subject matter or if you succeed or not.

Good catch thou, I WAS unclear. I'm trying to do several LW related art projects and these are certainly things I need to think abaut.

Basically, what I'm saying to whoever made that is "ok, that sucks, but you get points for trying. Now hide that away fur when you need to show someone what not to do, and try again."

I know it's not perfect, hence my qualifier "well, skeptic at least", but I figured some may be amused. There're a few bits of actual "let's investigate and see what happens", like what of the alien cow mutilation things, they basically observe a dead cow and wait for the "aliens" to see what actually causes the wounds... (Spoiler: it's not aliens. :))

These appear to be true stories; the "fairies" one, at least, really happened.

Kind of boring to read though.