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Off to Alice Springs

1 min read
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Am confused about part of the IC* algorithm in Pearl's Causality.

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Stanford Intro to AI course to be taught for free online

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Rationalist (well, skeptic, at least) webcomic.

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Gamification and rationality training

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death-is-bad-ism going a little bit more mainstream?

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Farmington Hills, MI Less Wrong meetup: Sunday, February 20

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Interest in LW meetup in Farmington Hills, Michigan?

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Ethics of Jury nullification and TDT?

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Ah, nevermind then. I was thinking something like let b(x,k) = 1/sqrt(2k) when |x| < k and 0 otherwise

then define integral B(x)*f(x) dx as the limit as k->0+ of integral b(x,k)*f(x) dx

I was thinking that then integral (B(x))^2 *f(x) dx would be like integral delta(x)*f(x) dx.

Now that I think a...(read more)

I'm not sure commission/omission distinction is really the key here. This becomes clearer by inverting the situation a bit:

Some third party is about to forcibly wirehead all of humanity. How should your moral agent reason about whether to intervene and prevent this?

Aaaaarggghh! (sorry, that was just because I realized I was being stupid... specifically that I'd been thinking of the deltas as orthonormal because the integral of a delta = 1.)

Though... it occurs to me that one could construct something that acted like a "square root of a delta", which would the...(read more)

Meant to reply to this a bit back, this is probably a stupid question, but...

> The uncountable set that you would intuitively think is a basis for Hilbert space, namely the set of functions which are zero except at a single value where they are one, is in fact not even a sequence of distinct eleme...(read more)

Ah, alright.

Actually, come to think about it, even specifying the desired behavior would be tricky. Like if the agent assigned a probability of 1/2 to the proposition that tomorrow they'd transition from v to w, or some other form of mixed hypothesis re possible future transitions, what rules shou...(read more)

Not sure. They don't actually tell you that.

Really interesting, but I'm a bit confused about something. Unless I misunderstand, you're claiming this has the property of conservation of moral evidence... But near as I can tell, it doesn't.

Conservation of moral evidence would imply that if it expected that tomorrow it would transition from v ...(read more)

Yeah, found that out during the final interview. Sadly, found out several days ago they rejected me, so it's sort of moot now.

Alternately, you might have alternative hypothesis that explain the absence equally well, but with a much higher complexity cost.

Hey there, I'm mid application process. (They're having me do the prep work as part of the application). Anyways,,,

> B) If you don't mind too much: stay at App Academy. It isn't comfortable but you'll greatly benefit from being around other people learning web development all the time and it will ...(read more)