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There are some LWers in the DC area. We should meet up.

Unfortunately, I'm out of town pretty much until the end of April. But there are a few things to work out before then, so I might as well post now.

A meetup needs:

  • People
  • Location
  • Time/Day
  • Things to do/talk about
The first one is covered by you and your rational friends showing up.

I'm not sure about the other three. Does anyone else have input on these? I'm particularly clueless about the location, but think we should meet on the weekends. I'm fine arbitrarily deciding these, but if there's anything more convenient for other people we have time to plan before I'm available again.
Please comment if you're interested, or have suggestions.
I hereby precommit to having a meetup in May planned by April 26th.
This  also talked about having a meeting on May 15th.


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It might be a good idea to hold it in Bethesda or some other city in Montgomery County, MD, as there seem to be a lot of LWers from MoCo. (I'm in MoCo as well).

But I'd go to a meetup in DC just the same.

Huh. I'm hearing more and more about MoCoers here. Cool.

I guess it makes sense though.

If nobody speaks up and says they want it in DC, then I'd actually rather have it in Montgomery County. I know Bethesda waaay better than DC.

I am a DCer, but in upper NW, so downtown Bethesda is as close for me as downtown DC.

Location should be within walking distance of a Metro station - and not just because I don't have a car. (;

I'm actually quite flexible as to time, although I'd prefer to leave my weekend afternoons and evenings free - one of my friends usually plans boardgames for then.

I'm interested. (And I live in Fairfax County and take the Orange Line in, so I'd favor DC over MoCo, though I'd still go either way.)