Partners in scholarship - Search and Find

by TrE 1 min read9th Sep 201111 comments


Pondering the question of how to do efficient scholarly study, I figured a good way for me may be having something like a chavruta although not quite the same, a partner with which to study a field of science together, helping each other at answering questions which arise, searching for useful articles, in general, being more awesome together than each of us could be alone. Such a scholar partner should, for me, have a similar state of knowledge, i.e. the difference should be small enough to overcome it in a short amount of time, have similar interests as well as a similar amount of motivation, have enough spare time, live in a similar time zone and ideally be of similar age and nationality/language. In case others are searching for a scholar partner as well, I'm posting my personal information in the comments instead of here.


What is your opinion on this type of cooperation? What might be pitfalls in this approach? Did I forget any important criteria for a useful scholar partner?