Hi folks! Building up on the recent experiment and the #LessWrongMoreNice meme, this thread is devoted to any and all expressions of gratitude. Special rules for communication and voting apply here. Please play along!


A lot of research shows that expressing gratitude improves mental and physical health, qualities that most of us want to increase. So in this thread, please express anything you are grateful for, big or small, one-time or continuing, and feel free to post stuff that you would not normally post to Less Wrong. Encourage and support others in what they post in comments, and upvote posts that you like, while downvoting those that don't express the spirit of this thread.


If you want to discuss this thread, please do so in response to this open thread comment.


I'm grateful to you for following the spirit of this thread!

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I'm very grateful that I've had a number of pain-free days this past week. I was able to summon up the energy to work on some dormant projects and overall feel much better about life than I did a week ago.

I'm grateful to be born in a time where medicine has the ability to regrow freaking arteries! Seriously, how cool is that?!

Right now, I'm grateful for coffee.

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