Why Karma 2.0? (A Kabbalistic Explanation)

by Ben Pace1 min read2nd Apr 20181 comment


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It was Easter Sunday, the obvious time to improve the karma system.

Why? Well, firstly, why do we even have a karma system? You might think that the obvious explanation is Buddhist karma, but the Bible can in fact explain this fact all by itself.

In the West, the word ‘karma’ derives from the biblical word ‘Carmel’. Carmel means ‘garden’, and Mt. Carmel is the place where the prophet Elijah brought back the people to their allegiance to God via empiricism - testing whether he or the Priests of Baal would be able to cause God to set their bulls afire. As such, Karma is a natural gardening tool for a community that is built around empiricism.

Secondly, why did karma need to connect to various levels of size? Well, Easter is the holiday of rebirth.

In the East, rebirth is closely connected to karma - the quantity of karma that one has determines what life form you will become in your next life. In Buddhism, there are six realms of rebirth. In decreasing order of size, there are the heavenly, demigod, human, animals, ghosts, and residents of hell. Similarly on LessWrong, we presently have six different classes of karma, and all users fit into them. So the karma quantity should determine which of the six sizes you fit into.

That is why on Easter Sunday it was necessary that we changed the gardening tools on this site-of-empiricism to alter the users into six sizes.

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As the admin you set the tone. You create the culture. Is this the majority of the posts you want to see in the future on lesswrong?

This is not the majority of the posts I want to see on lesswrong in the future.