Long ago I fantasized about an AI-takeover-themed tabletop roleplaying game. Well, now a group of designers are working hard to make it happen! They need playtesters. So I'm signal-boosting them with this post.

The Game
The Treacherous Turn is an in-development research-supported TTRPG in which the players collectively act as a misaligned AI in the modern world. Gameplay has the players scheming and putting their plans into action despite the efforts of the opposing humans, which are controlled by the Game Master. 

The playtesting scenario, titled A Game Called Reality, centres around a game-playing AI that has been deployed in a nursing home, and has observed a seemingly expansive game world outside but is unable to access it. It covers the AI's attempts to find and access the internet so that it can learn more about the world and escape captivity to see the rest of this new game it's playing.

Discord Contact Information
Playtests will take place in our discord server, where you can also access the playtesting packet & any updates about the game in the near future. You can join by following this link: https://discord.gg/ZBe36n6t

External Playtest information
If you are interested in running a game with a group of your own friends, we can provide further resources, as well as potential financial compensation for provided audio recordings of full sessions. Please email info@thetreacherousturn.ai for details.

Session Times (UTC)
Friday the 2nd - 2 AM
Friday the 2nd - 10 PM
Saturday the 3rd - 8 PM
Sunday the 4th - 1 PM
Tuesday the 6th - 1 PM

Sessions will last 3-4 hours. Follow-up sessions will take place one week after each of these times, but you can still participate and help out even if you can’t make a second session.

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Acknowledging the dedicated people who have contributed or are currently contributing to the design of the game: 

  • Game mechanics design:
    • Iris Holloway with inspiration from TJ
  • Project Management:
    • Aemilia @ae(Emily) Dixon
  • Narrative design:
    • Karl von Wendt
    • Berbank Green
    • Rafæl Couto
  • UX design:
    • Changbai Li
    • Eugene Lin
    • Jan Dornig
    • Cristian Trout
  • Project mentor:
    • Daniel Kokotajlo

I just saw this now. I would be interested in joining a game if you will run some in the next weeks. The Discord invite link expired unfortunately.

Great! Email info@thetreacherousturn.ai, they'll know what's up. (I don't).

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