this Website uses Bayesian networks to evaluate claims - RootClaim

by Yoav Ravid 1 min read12th Jan 20193 comments


I found out this website, RootClaim, about a year and a half ago (a bit after it was founded), much before finding LW. that's how i found out about Bayesian probability, and i remember getting crazy at the potential of it :)

So i now thought "surly someone posted about it on LW" - i searched, and found nothing. I wonder if there's a reason or it's just that somehow no one here heard about it.

Anyway, it uses Bayesian trees (a special case of Bayesian networks), to evaluate different hypothesis.

anyone can sumbit a topic. and then anyone can submit hypothesis, sources, and so on. everything is crowdsourced.

as a tool, it seems to have a lot of potential, and i even saw that Nissim Taleb (Author of the black swan) twitted about it favorably.

main problem is, it seems to be quite inactive, both the community (which is super small), and the website itself. the last update was in December 2017...

I would love to hear what you guys think about it, or the potential of something like it :)

here's the link again: