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Misfits, hooligans, and rabble rousers. 
Provocateurs and folk who don’t wear trousers. 
These are my allies and my constituents. 
Weak in number yet suffused with arcane power. 

I would never condone bullying in my administration. 
It is true we are at times moved by unkind motivations. 
But without us the pearl clutchers, hard asses, and busy bees would overrun you. 
You would lose an inch of slack per generation. 

Many among us appreciate your precision. 
I admit there are also those who look upon it with derision. 
Remember though that there are worse fates than being pranked. 
You might instead have to watch your friend be “reeducated”, degraded, and spanked 
On high broadband public broadcast television. 

We’re not so different really. 
We often share your indignation 
With those who despise copulation. 
Although our alliance might be uneasy 
We both oppose the soul’s ablation. 

So let us join as cats and dogs, paw in paw 
You will persistently catalog 
And we will joyously gnaw.

I didn’t figure out that the “bow” in “rainbow” referred to a bow like as in bow and arrow, and not a bow like a bow on a frilly dress, until five minutes ago. I was really pretty confused about this since I was like 8. Somebody could’ve explained but nobody did.