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One datum is not enough to justify your conclusion. I think that some competing state-owned company is publishing a similar book, and they're just trying to eliminate the competition.

Why the downvotes?

I didn't downvote, but it may be because the title isn't actually true. A commenter on Hacker News posted this:

Hi Guys, I am from China, and of course the Bayesian is taught in China. Only in the culture revolution time, this crazy thing may happen; but it's long time ago when Mao was alive. Now China is a modern society; of course, the Bayesian theory is taught in schools; otherwise how could they send the spaceship to the outer space and have the fastest super computer in the world so far.


The title is humorously hyperbolic (which doesn't mean it is outright sarcastic).

I feel like Less Wrong posters have trouble picking up on this type of joke in particular. I wonder why this is.

Thats a great quote though.

I wasn't among the people downvoting this, but I wonder if I should, just for the fear it would encourage others to post "humorous" and misleading titles.

This forum isn't a british tabloid. We must care about truth, which means we must care not to intentionally mislead others. A false claim that you must follow a link before you can determine it's false, should be strongly discouraged.

For one thing, this post lacks both an abstract and content.

Also see discussion on Hacker News:


"It seems like a joke at first, but once you take into account China's previous actions it's actually quite likely."

The joke is so clever you get an upvote for just reposting it.