I apologize, this really isn't an article, as such. I do feel this is an issue that is important for most rationalists. Amongst my blog reading today, I came across this. At a risk to my karma for something potentially off-topic, I thought important to post here, as I hadn't seen it mentioned.


Cutting to the chase, there is an NIH guideline document being created, and predictably anti-stem cell activists are voicing their dissent. To add pro-stem cell comments, you can post here:


The author of the first link posts this suggested comment:

I SUPPORT STEM CELL RESEARCH and wish the NIH to also fund research utilizing established hESC lines derived in accordance with the core principles that govern the derivation of new lines.

The comment period is open until May 26th. Thanks for reading. And if this is entirely off-topic for this list, please let me know and I will remove the article.


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My opinion is that this post is really, really off-topic, and should be deleted. At best, you could post this to an off-topic thread.

Agreed. Off-topic. Please delete.

This article would be on-topic if it contained actual analysis of how support and opposition to stem cell research relates to rationality.

It seems that a more general question could be asked here, along the lines of "what is the most effective way to change the policy on stem cells", rather than taking this specific action without a cost-benefit analysis.

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