[SEQ RERUN] Risk-Free Bonds Aren't

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Today's post, Risk-Free Bonds Aren't, was originally published on 22 June 2007. A summary (taken from the LW wiki):

There are no risk-free investments. Even US treasury bills would fail under a number of plausible "black swan" scenarios. Nassim Taleb's own investment strategy doesn't seem to take sufficient account of such possibilities. Risk management is always a good idea.

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What porftolio does SIAI hold, in pursuit of the maximum risk containment? Any bitcoins? ;-)

This post is a part of a sequence?

Perhaps it's a sequence of one.

At any rate, my understanding is that we are going through Eliezer's old posts in order, including those posts that are not part of a larger sequence.

Considering the state of fixed income markets around the world, and Moody's threat to downgrade US debt, quite timely.

ETA: specifically on Treasuries, looks like Taleb reconsidered: