What are some Meta-Umeshsims?

by Chris_Leong1 min read2nd Oct 20174 comments



Scott Aaronson wrote a blog post in which he defined Umeshisms.

Umesh was his advisor at Berkley who used to frequently repeat: "If you’ve never missed a flight, you’re spending too much time in airports."

Scott then asked his readers to provide more examples, ie.:

If you never cut yourself while shaving, you’re not shaving close enough.

If you’ve never been robbed, you’re spending too much time locking doors.

If you’ve never been rejected, you’re not asking enough. (The easiest to state, the hardest to practice.)

If you’ve never regretted a blog entry, your blog is boring.

What are some meta-Umeshisms, ie. good principles stated as a concise phrase that can easily be rephrased to apply to other situations?

I'd suggest posting meta-Umeshisms in the top-level comments (at most one per post), with derivatives posted in the second-level comments.