Previously: Eliezer Yudkowsky facts, and Kevin's prediction.


A bit of silliness for the day.  Below the fold to spare those with delicate sensibilities. 




Please contribute your own in the comments.  (Lolrobinhansons, etc., would also be welcome.)  Unfortunately I have no special source of Eliezer photos to offer beyond Google Images.


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Gather round LWers I bring NEW LULZ!

I've PMed GLaDOS so she can come pick up her karma for launching this madness and post the originals here but till she responds, I give you:

Overcoming Bias Guy

Frustrated LessWrong Guy


Karma miner reporting for duty.

Silliness was caused by this comment in this thread.

Original Overcoming Bias guy.

Original Frustrated LessWrong guy


Nice. The one about +5 karma had me laughing out loud.

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There's actually a web site for this stuff.


Here is another web site for this stuff

Here is another web site for this stuff.

Here, have a pun.

Nice. I don't think anyone took my bet though, it was pretty much a sure thing for me. :)

I'm still hoping it gets voted down and no one participates.

I actually came by hoping some regular was going to announce their conversion to scientology. Disappointing April Fool's thread.

ETA: I'm really not against having fun, but this...


I feel you, but I don't think we can push the toothpaste back into the tube at this point.

What I hope for (which btw seems likely) is that this particular brand of silliness remains contained in this particular thread. If someone starts posting "Month X image macro Thread" every month or two I'm quitting. ;)

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Before this gets out of hand, I would like to remind potential commenters of the existence of the Meta Thread.

Come on, guys, we can do better than image macros.

False. Nothing can ever be better than this thread.