It is not uncommon to find organisations working, directly or indirectly, on a single Global Catastrophic Risk (GCR). For instance, the World Health Organization does much work to prevent pandemics, as part of its remit.

It is rarer for organisations to focus on multiple GCRs - for a start, this involves them having the concept akin to GCR, which is not often the case. In a report I'm preparing with Dennis Pamlin of the Global Challenges Foundation, here is a list of organisations focusing on multiple GCRs (note that it is not necessarily an endorsement of their quality). Let me know if there are any organisations missing, and I'll add them:


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


Center for International Security and Cooperation

Club of Rome

Council on Foreign Relations

Federation of American Scientists

Future of Humanity Institute

Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

International Risk Governance Council

Lifeboat Foundation

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens

Skoll Global Threats Fund

Stimson Center

Risk Response Network

World Economic Forum

Tower Watson

What kind of GCRs are being worked on? This can be seen in the following graph; AI is not as badly situated as I would initially have expected:

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I don't suppose your report will include an estimate of the funding amount going toward studying/mitigating each risk (from these organizations alone)?

Nope! That would be a good subject for another report.

What exactly is a Global Catastrophic Risk?

Seeing how "chemical weapons" or "poverty" made the list, I am quite confused about the scope of this concept.

Poverty is on the list for complicated reasons that aren't all that interesting. Some people do define chemical weapons as having catastrophic potentials; I don't agree with that, but I can't reject it out of hand.

I'd love a general introduction to what you're targeting and general methodology, because this post leaves me with a lot of questions.

What is "Phase Transition" and "Reject Procreation"? How is climate change different from biogeochem and ocean acidification? Is poverty really a catastrophic risk? How were the zero-organization GCR's chosen?

There will be a write up of the methodology in respectable terms in the final report, but it's essentially knowledge+google search+checking links on various sites (such as those found by the above processes, and some of the effective altruism sites that have looked into this).

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