NEW TIME: Sydney Less Wrong meetup, 23/4, 3PM

by meta_ark1 min read12th Apr 201118 comments


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Hi everyone! There was an attempt for a Sydney (Australia) Less Wrong meetup a while ago, which failed, which was sad. So I'm starting a new one!

I'll definitely be at the meetup for three hours, regardless of who else is able to make it. So this is definitely going ahead, no matter what.

Place: James Squire Bar (22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf)

Date: Saturday, 23rd of April

Time: 3PM - 6PM (note new time)

I'll have a Less Wrong sign on the table and will probably be working on a uni assignment or reading Godel, Escher, Bach.

Hope to see you there!

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Considering the interest, I'm Pre-committing to showing up at around 3:30 - 4, staying till 6.

We're now meeting at 3. See you then!

While we're on the topic of an Australian meetup, are there any other LW ppl in Brisbane? If there's some we could organise a meetup.

Just found this in a search for "Brisbane". I'd show up, and maybe bring a friend who is a non-LW rationalist.

I'd show up.

Calendared. I plan to be there!

Would you be able to make it if we moved to a slightly later time, so Oklord and Erratio could come after work?

Sure. Just post here what you decide. I'll check this page before turning up.

We're now meeting at 3:00. See you tomorrow!

I'm keen for a Sydney meetup, but like many others I'm out of town for the long weekend. Saturday lunchtime is a good timeslot for me.

It's good to see that lots of people would like to come, even if they can't make it to this specific meeting. Hopefully in the future it'll work out better.

Drat. I'm off camping Easter weekend. Will attend the next one. Good luck, and thanks for doing this! My attempt was a bit misguided. People-herding's a skill I'm still acquiring...

Definitely interested in a Sydney meet, but probably can't make this one.

Meta_ark I would've loved to come along, but I'm actually away that entire weekend.

Nice to see a Sydney meetup though and looking forward to attending in the future!

Working until 3:30 that Saturday :(

We're now meeting at 3 instead. Will you be able to make it?

In case my non-attendance didn't make it clear, no :P

dang, I have work until 3 normally. Still, in my calender