[LINK] Cliffs Notes: "Probability Theory: The Logic of Science", part 1

by philh 1 min read5th Feb 20144 comments



A book sometimes cited on LessWrong as recommended reading is E.T. Jaynes' Probability Theory: The Logic of Science. I intend to write a series of posts reading this book, summarizing the key points, and solving the exercises. (There are no solutions in the book.)

The book has over 750 pages. This will take me a long time, if I finish at all. I'm not committing to finishing. For example, if this turns out not to be a thing worth doing, I hope that I will notice that and stop. I'm also not committing to any particular posting rate while I continue.

(I'm not cross-posting this because I expect to have to make edits and don't want to have to make them in two places.)