I've been in Alice Springs for a couple of weeks now, and the completion is pretty stiff. None of the bars are hiring, and they prefer locals anyway. Contacted the parks nearby, they're all full. I did find a job that pays $26/hr (after super), but I'm only getting 20 hours a week. (Plus another 15 minutes of unpaid labor before every shift). There's a good chance I'll be fired in a couple weeks too.

And a native Australian told me it's only going to get worse. The NT winter holidays are about to start, meaning that all the locals in school right now are going to want a job. I've noticed more backpackers coming by here too.

Anyone can PM me if they want details.

In that case once I'm there, we should perhaps meet up. (Right now am about to pack up computer and such and go to airport... again. :p)

7Kevin8ySounds like the optimal employment post is out of date and that it's worth jumping ship to a mining town?

Off to Alice Springs

by Psy-Kosh 1 min read16th May 201228 comments


Am about to pack up computer then go to the airport to start a sequence of flights to give this a try.

I already have a room in a hostel booked for a few nights for when I get there, and will see how stuff goes.

Anyways, since there's been on and off discussion on this, just thought I'd post that I'm actually giving this a try.

(Will likely be a day or two before I can reply/comment/etc, given length of flights, etc.)


EDIT: Ugh. You take care of one aspect of the planning fallacy, and fail elsewhere. Long story short, I missed my flight and had to reschedule it to friday.


EDIT2: Packing up computer and going off to airport. Again. This time will be early.


EDIT3: And am here. and am exhausted. :) Will start looking for work stuff tomorrow. There's a job board at this hostel, but apparently there's not much currently. But right now am rather sleep deprived.


EDIT4: So today (Monday, May 21st) went to the visitor information center. I must have misunderstood the original article, was under the impression that the visitor center had job boards. Didn't, but pointed me to a nearby recruiting/contracting agency which they said might have appropriate stuff for visitors on a work&holiday visa. Went there. said that at least as of today there's nothing, but also needed a resume (which I didn't have with me, and my work experience is limited anyways.) Anyways, got a copy of the form, will dig out/fix up what resume I do have, and also keep looking. The board at this hostel didn't have much of anything in the way of work that I saw. Will look again, though, and see if I can find others.


EDIT5 (May 29th): Still looking for work, been asking/applying to various places, including that recruiting/contracting agency, and am right now waiting (well, and still looking.) Over the weekend, though, MileyCyrus and I went on an organized 3day Uluru/Kata Tjuta/Kings Canyon trip/hikes, which was awesome. But again, as far as work, tossing out inquiries and stuff all over, trying to find out who's hiring at the moment.