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Of all the things to feel existential doubt about, "Was I alive or dead?" is definitely one of the sillier ones.

This is great for me. I'm going to give a presentation today about cryonics, and this would be a good supplement for that.

[-][anonymous]9y 7

I'm going to give a presentation today about cryonics

raises hand curiously

Can you share some information about this?

It's not at all a "serious" presentation, I had to chose a topic to present to my (college level spanish) class about controversial technology.

Me and my partner only have 5 minutes each, and I'm talking how cryonics would theoretically work. I'm actually not even getting into nanotechnology in my presentation, as the inferential distance is far too large. I'm mostly going go over how neurons can be vitrified, this would just be a quick intro to some of the more advanced technology.

Some day Zach Wiener will be considered one of the leading philosophers of the early 21 century, sort of like Nietzsche, only with more zingers.

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Sounds like something for the predictionbook.com.

I've been impressed with some of SMBC's intellectual references, but connecting philosophical questions to penis jokes is not the same thing as philosophizing.

I swear he has a career in writing popular science/psychology books.