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by bmeacham1 min read21st Oct 20202 comments


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Not sure how to report this, so posting as a question. On the page titled "All Debates Are Bravery Debates" there is a link to http-colon-slash-slash-raikoth.net/libertarian.html. The link text is "an essay arguing against libertarianism." On Windows, that link goes to a page that asks me to download something.  I immediately backed out of there. On Linux it goes to a page titled "raikoth.net" with a bunch of links on it. I have not tried it on Mac. I strongly urge you to remove that link, as it appears to be malicious.

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2 Answers

Alas, looks like Scott's old blog that was hosted on raikoth.net is now captured by some random malware distributor. I fixed the link on that specific post with a repost version, but there are probably dozens of other links to that URL all over LessWrong.

When something like this happens, it's useful to check if the page was archived by the Internet Archive or archive.today.