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Pretty cool. The part about not blaming luck reminded me a lot of the advice to not adopt a victim mindset. I also like the corresponding advice to not take credit for luck.

I'll add that for competitive games, you want to encourage your opponent to use more luck and less skill, for example by praising his superior dice rolling abilities, and reframe your skillful moves as totally lucky, no way that could happen again!

In poker, you'll sometimes see a player get upset and criticize his opponent if he loses a hand because the opponent made a lucky draw or call (how could you call that, only one card could help you!) Rational players understand that having the opponent call with a bad hand is the only way they make money, so they'll praise the lucky draw (great call, I just can't seem to beat you!)

Nice post. Haven’t heard of Flesh and Blood before, I’ll check it out. But yeah, poker strikes me as the fastest way to learn this skill since each “match” is so fast, especially online.

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