The Bentham Prize at Metaculus

by AABoyles1 min read27th Jan 20204 comments


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Metaculus is running a small competition right now called the Bentham Prize. The premise is simple: contribute to the discussions of questions on Animal Welfare. The best record of contributions (subjectively assessed by human judges) will win.

If you've been waiting for a reason to start practicing forecasting, this seems as good as any. It's gotten off to a slow start (in part because the Metaculus community has become quite distracted by another matter), so the field is wide open!

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If anybody has any questions about this, I'd be happy to answer as a Metaculus community moderator!

First round of prizes announced. Congratulations to user haven and to our very own AABoyles and PeterHurford!

Thanks! Also, thanks to Pablo_Stafforini, DanielFilan and Tamay for judging.

A second round is scheduled to begin this Saturday, 2020-02-08. New predictors should have a minor advantage in later rounds as the winners will have already exhausted all the intellectual low-hanging fruit. Please join us!