Tang Yu, an AI robot, was named CEO of a Hong Kong-based video game company called NetDragon Websoft. In addition to outperforming the Hong Kong stock market, the company saw a significant rise in its stock value, all within 8-10 months.

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I'm suspicious of the strength of the claim this company is making. I think it's more likely this is a publicity stunt.

First, there's the legal issues. As far as I know, no jurisdiction allows software to serve as the officer of a company, let alone as the CEO. So to any extent an AI is calling the shots, there's got to be humans in the loop for legal reasons.

Second, sort of unclear what this AI is doing. Sounds more like they just have some fancy analytics software and they're saying it's the CEO because they mostly do whatever their analytics say to do?

This would be a big deal if true, but seems like there's not enough in this article to think an AI is now the CEO of a company in a meaningful way beyond the way companies already rely heavily on data and analytics and ML-based analytics to make decisions.

I think the news matters more as a signal of people thinking about making AI to be a CEO than what happens in this particular company.