Title of talkWe Got Our AGI Firealarm, Now What?

Summary: There has been much disagreement over how big of a deal GPT3 is in the larger context of progress towards strong AGI. While most pundits will claim it's not "really" "intelligent" or "conscious" or that it doesn't "understand" words, I want to make the case that GPT3 (or its near term successors) may be our final warning shot before we see real AGI emerge. And as a bonus, I will show you how to build your very own AGI in three easy steps! Why wait for Deepmind, you can build your very own paperclip maximizer!

September 13th at 10:30 PDT, 17:30 UTC, 20:30 IDT

Please sign up here by an hour before the event, and we will send you an invitation. https://forms.gle/4eeL6DX6jjBGykMJ6

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