David Brooks from the NY Times writes on earning-to-give

byAnthonyC6y4th Jun 20133 comments


Just wanted to highlight an article. David Brooks from the NY Times writes on earning-to-give by working at a hedge fund:


Basically, he claims that working in an amoral environment will eventually turn you into a worse person than you would otherwise be, and weaken your resolve and desire to fulfill your original goal. Psychologically he may be right, and today's me may not like the me I would become after a decade on Wall Street, but at first glance it seems like even if I could only maintain my resolve for a few years, the payoff far outweighs my own well being. He is also opposed to valuing the far - life in general - over the near - people in your own home or community. Or even valuing them equally, AFAICT.


As a matter of history, though, I did not in fact choose such a career. Suboptimal or not, given what I did choose (consulting firm that helps companies invest and grow effectively in clean tech, nanotech, and biotech) I do not think I chose wrongly.