Ever since Ajeya's timeline report came out, I've been wanting to discuss it with other people, and see what they think about it. This is the relevant LessWrong post: https://www.lesswrong.com/.../draft-report-on-ai-timelines

The report is split into four files, and this meeting will be about the first one. If you want to attend, please make sure that you have given the first file at the very least a very thorough skim.

If this time doesn't work well for people, I am also happy to do multiple sessions on the first report, or to reschedule it.

Structure will be mostly open discussion, with a Google Doc to help us decide on what to explore open in parallel.

The event will be happening at this link. After you spawn, walk upwards until you see the Tardis, then teleport to the library. If you get lost, just send me a message via the menu on the right and I can get you:


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We are meeting on top of the giant coy fish!