Discussion article for the meetup : [Cambridge] Sunk Cost Kata

WHEN: 19 May 2013 02:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 21 Ames St, Cambridge, MA

We'll present the Center for Applied Rationality's material on sunk costs and go over their exercises on how to apply this knowledge in daily life.

Cambridge/Boston-area Less Wrong meetups are on the first and third Sunday of every month at 2pm in the MIT Whitaker Building (21 Ames St, Bldg 56), room 180. Room number subject to change based on availability. Signs will be posted with the actual room number. The side doors are sometimes locked; if so, you can get in through the main door at 25 Ames St.

Discussion article for the meetup : [Cambridge] Sunk Cost Kata

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Even after googling it, I'm not sure what "kata" means in this context. "Practice"?

A kata in the martial arts is a practice routine intended to make certain skills (blocks, strikes, etc.) instinctive. At least in the styles I'm acquainted with, the idea was to practice responding to an imaginary attacker.

I hope someone will post about the kata after the meetup-- I'm especially curious about how you notice you're engaging in the sunk cost fallacy.

The material we used is below. This passed through at least one person's hands before it got to me, so I don't know where CFAR posted it originally.

Slides Exercises 1 Exercises 2 Exercises 3 Exercises 4 Exercises 5

The presenter used a powerpoint, with exercises, from (I believe) CFAR. Anyone have the source?