Meetup : Australia-wide Mega-Camp!

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WHEN: 17 July 2015 07:00:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: Jindabyne

TL;DR : book a ticket now:

We're doing it all again!

Following the success of last year's Mega-meetup, we're running another one - this time bigger and better, and in the snow!

Come and meet your fellow rationalists from all around Australia, learn rationality skills and have amazing late-night conversations on a wide range of cool topics. Share your knowledge, throw snowballs and basically have a blast.

This Less Wrong Mega Meetup #2 will be held on the weekend of the 17th-19th of July in Araluen Lodge In Jindabyne.:

We managed to score this awesome venue for cheaper than our last one - and in the middle of snow-season!

So tickets are cheaper this year than last year at only $220 for the weekend.

So book a ticket now:

and then fill out the registration form to help us figure out the best possible schedule for you.

Registration form includes the program information, We are also keen for feedback on all things!

We only have about 40 tickets and I am confident they will all be sold, so get out your diary, check the dates, write us in; then book your ticket!

Hope to see you there.

Discussion article for the meetup : Australia-wide Mega-Camp!