Hi Everyone,

We'll be starting an informal cohort on AI Safety Fundamentals.

Come join-us on Discord. We'll do a poll next week to find a slot that works for most people. (if you're interested in participating as an expert, do reach out as well)

We'll do the kick-off session on the 17th of June, and then do the course at the pace of one session per week for eight weeks (you'll be able to discuss the material in-between with other members). I'm currently reaching out to aligment researchers interested in popping in for insights and answering questions we might have.

We'll then do the AI Governance course (https://aisafetyfundamentals.com/ai-governance-curriculum), and then the AI Alignment 201 course (https://aisafetyfundamentals.com/alignment-201-curriculum) - you should be able to singlehandedly solve AGI by the end.

Please note that this is not an official cohort, there is one starting on governance this summer (you can join on AI Safety Fundamentals' website), and one on AI Alignement in September (registrations not opened yet).



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