(See Metaculus's previous career-tagged posts here, here, and here.) tl;dr Metaculus is now hiring Frontend Engineers and Full Stack Engineers.


Since 2015, Metaculus has been a core part of the epistemic infrastructure at the heart of the LW/OB/EA world. I'm posting here because I myself was just hired at Metaculus in part due to one of the above linked posts advertising to LW.

I expect many of you have been following the forecasting space for a long time. We're at an inflection point now, especially at Metaculus as evident from our recent funding and partnerships, but also at a variety of other institutions.

If you're interested in getting involved in forecasting, now's the time. And especially if you're looking for a remote software job at a very fun, mission-driven, and ambitious company.

In particular, we're hiring people to build great experiences for forecasters. In my view this is the greatest unsolved problem in the space: making forecasting natural & engaging.

The link at the top has all of our roles. As of this week we're hiring Frontend Engineers (Senior Frontend Engineer) and Full Stack Engineers (Senior Full Stack Engineer). And if you're more interested in AI, we're also still hiring people directly to study AI risk from a forecasting lens. We're hoping to hire a good number of people very quickly.

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