About a year ago, I made a setting of the Litany of Tarski for four-part a cappella (i.e. unaccompanied) chorus.

More recently, in the process of experimenting with MuseScore for potential use in explaining musical matters on the internet (it makes online sharing of playback-able scores very easy), the thought occurred to me that perhaps the Tarski piece might be of interest to some LW readers (if no one else!), so I went ahead and re-typeset it in MuseScore for your delectation. 

Here it is (properly notated :-)).

Here it is (alternate version designed to avoid freaking out those who aren't quite the fanatical enthusiasts of musical notation that I am).

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Positive reinforcement!

The community needs art, comics, songs, dance moves, murals, woodblock prints, whatever, but let's have more fun :)

Agreed! I wrote a song a few years ago after I first went to CFAR! It's not as directly connected to LW, but is... definitely connected ;)

video & lyrics

Cool. Is there a recording? I cannot read notation well enough to imagine what it sounds like.

Do you make other compositions, and how does this compare to your other work?

It plays back at the link! (Synthesized rendering, but not too bad.)

This was the point of putting it on MuseScore (otherwise I would have just linked a PDF I had already typeset with Finale).

how does this compare to your other work?

If we take this piece to be broadly similar to works like this or this (yes I know: as if), then my other work might be compared to something like this or this.

At least, it will once it exists. (I currently only really have an undergraduate portfolio's worth of "other work", and barely that. In progress!)

I see. That's really neat! Thanks!

Isn't there some choir-for-hire somewhere on the web who will record a score for a couple of bucks? It seems that logically, there should be.


Why would you expect it to cost only "a couple of bucks"?

Because musicians from low-wage countries can compete in such a market.


It would need to be a really low-wage country for a couple of bucks to be enough to make it worth enough singers' time. My impression is that super-low-wage countries tend not to have flourishing communities of musicians experienced in the Western art music tradition, and I'd guess they're also not the easiest places to get hold of the equipment required to make decent recordings.

It seems like something like airgigs.com seems to be the answer. It has musicians available down into the 50 dollars range.


In so far as the figures there are representative, that suggests that $200 would be the right ballpark for getting a choral work performed. That sounds more plausible to me than a couple of bucks, though I wouldn't be surprised if you could get the price down somewhat from there.

then my other work might be compared to something like this or this.

My reaction to these pieces (the former, especially).

"Which few did you have in mind, Majesty?"