Things in the category of the 2-4-6 puzzle where you need to guess the rule and can try as many examples as you want to figure out the puzzle, and it teaches 'gung jr ner cebar gb pbasvezngvba ovnf' (

Please describe the puzzle / game / exercise and its solution / strategy / take-away separately in order to avoid spoiling it.

Am particularly interested in cognitive biases, but don't want to restrict the answer-space to those.

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The Evolution of Trust

An interactive demo of the prisoners dilemma.

Adam Zerner


The Credence Calibration Game

The idea is to answer a bunch of questions like "How confident are you that Baltimore is larger than Dallas?". The goal is to get better at confidence calibration. Eg. when you say you're 70% sure you end up being correct about 70% of the time.

Nice resource! It reminds me about the Chapter 3 of Adventures in Cognitive Biases.

Is there anything similar to The Credence Calibration Game but works online and has some recent facts?

It would be cool to be able to replay some closed Metaculus questions and see how well would you do against that!

2Neel Nanda
The Clearer Thinking Calibrate Your Judgement tool seems worth checking out.



Velocity Raptor

A fun interactive demonstration of special relativity. It’s good for getting an intuitive sense for some of the “weird” things that happen in relativistic conditions.

Pablo Repetto



It is an excellent game to really get the concepts of priors and subjectively objective probabilities. Try a round and ask "what is the probability that the next card on the deck is a 5?", interesting discussion ensues.