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Every other day I have a bunch of random questions related to AI safety research pop up but I'm not sure where to ask them. Can you recommend any place where I can send these questions and consistently get at least half of them answered or discussed by people who are also thinking about it a lot? Sort of like an AI safety StackExchange (except there's no such thing), or a high-volume chat/discord. I initially thought about LW shortform submissions, but it doesn't really look like people are using the shortform for asking questions at all.

There's an AI safety camp slack with #no-stupid-questions channel. I think people stay there even after the camp ends (I'm still there although this year edition ended last week). So you can either apply for next years edition (which I very much recommend!) or maybe contact organizers if they can add you without you being AISC participant/alumni? Just a disclaimer, I'm not sure how active this slack is between camps, and it might be that lot of people leave after the camp ends.

The closest thing to an AI safety StackExchange is the stampy wiki, with loads of asked & answered questions. It also has a discord.

The discord has two alignment channels with reasonable volume (#alignment-general and #alignment-beginners). These might be suitable for your needs.

I just logged in there, thanks - however they have a couple of disclaimers that this is not a place for beginner / technical support questions. But I suppose it's more to avoid people asking "how do I install pytorch?" rather than AI safety questions, so maybe it will suit the needs of OP

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