Bitcoin Bounty: Advice Requested

by lsparrish 8y1st Jun 201111 comments


About a month ago, I started a prize for Cryonics promotional videos published to Youtube during the month of May. There was a fair bit of interest, but nobody actually submitted anything. So the 14.75 bitcoins are thus far unclaimed.

I want to use this money (worth ~$125) to start another contest, but I thought that this time it would be a good idea to solicit some feedback on how best to do so.

  • What is the best medium to use?
    • It may be that few less wrongers are comfortable with videos
    • Other media might be just as effective or more so
    • Youtube may not be the best site
  • What is the best way of judging?
    • Likes on youtube or some other site
    • Karma votes here on LW
    • A panel of judges
  • What is the best timeframe?
    • Long, 6-month projects (more money needed?)
    • Quick projects 15-30 minutes (less money? specific amounts?)
    • Repeating prizes (monthly, weekly, annually, etc.)
  • Is regular cash a better prize than bitcoin?
    • May vary from person to person
    • People already know what cash is worth
    • Bitcoin might have novelty value or geek appeal
    • Bitcoin is ridiculously easy to transfer without the hassle of fees
  • Is cryonics really the best topic?
    • Maybe we would get more creative output from other topics
    • Other prize funds could be started for other topics

So anyways, I'd love to hear some opinions. I think making the contest more fun will probably get more results, so basically what I want to know is, what would be the most fun?