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How do I reach a conclusion on how many eggs per week are healthy?

by Rudi C 1 min read15th Sep 20194 comments


As someone who is not a nutritionist, and has limited time, what’s the optimal course of action in determining whether the evidence is in favor of eggs or against them?

Should I look at public health guidelines, poke around for meta analyses in Google Scholar, find the expert consensus, or ... ?

It is also worth noting that there are at least two big problems with the evidence about eggs; A lot of research is said to be sponsored by the industry. Egg consumption is correlated with all kinds of bad habits/characteristics (obesity, smoking, poverty, etc).

I know the position of maximum caution is to replace eggs with other less suspect sources of micronutrients, but personally I have crippled access to a good grocery market (I live in Iran), and am under a limited time budget. This makes me reluctant to forego eggs merely to be on the safe side. Especially since I eat a semipaleo diet, which is already restrictive.

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1 Answers

Do an experiment. Double your egg consumption and check your lipids in 6 months.

There are two issues. One issue is what lipid levels to aim for. The other is what effect eggs will have. You can test the second and you don't have to worry about individual differences.