Long, but absolutely worth the read IMHO. Brings together many aspects of today's cultural crisis, explains both its origins and effects, and proposes solutions.

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This video by CGPGrey is somewhat related to the idea of memetic tribes and the conflicts that arise between them.

Hippocratic oaths don't stop wars. Anyway, "how do we stop the culture war" is a boring question. The best way to make progress on a boring question isn't to spend tons of low quality effort on answering it directly. Instead, try to come up with exciting related questions, like "what's the next step after swarm tactics" or "how can I profit by selling weapons for the culture war".

I really like the idea of some kind of public, generalized Hippocratic Oath for online behavior. Needs an actual name, though, and needs somebody more visible than me to plant a Schelling stake in it.

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