Aumann Agreement by Combat

by roryokane1 min read5th Apr 20192 comments


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The first paper in the SIGBOVIK 2019 proceedings, “Aumann Agreement by Combat” by Travis Hance, seems relevant to this site. The paper is on page 4 of the PDF (page 8 if you include front matter).

The abstract:

The celebrated Aumann’s Agreement Theorem shows that two rational agents with the same priors on an event who make different observations will always converge on the same posteriors after some civilized conversation over tea. Furthermore, they will come to agree even if they do nothing other than simply state their posteriors over and over again.
However, this protocol is widely criticized for being too boring. We therefore introduce a more exciting alternative, which we name Aumann Agreement by Combat.

The SIGBOVIK conference is held every year on April 1.