Separate comments feeds for different post listings views?

by Said Achmiz 1 min read2nd Oct 20183 comments


(Inspired by discussions like this one, but also a thing that I’ve thought for a while would be a good idea.)

Currently, there’s a single “recent comments” feed, which includes comments posted to any post—frontpage, Meta, personal blogs, Alignment Forum… even drafts! (The last of which, I assume, is merely a bug.)

It would be cool if there were multiple comments feeds, one for each view, viz.:

  1. Recent comments on all posts
  2. Recent comments on frontpage posts only
  3. Recent comments on Alignment Forum posts only
  4. Recent comments on Meta posts

It’s probably a lot of work for you guys to implement a UI for this, so I can totally understand it not being priority, but would it be possible to implement this feature in the backend and expose it in the API?