Story stats are my favorite feature of Medium. Let me tell you why.

I write primarily to impact others. Although I sometimes choose to do very little work to make myself understandable to anyone who is more than a few inferential steps behind me and then write out on a far frontier of thought, nonetheless my purpose remains sharing my ideas with others. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't bother to write much at all, and certainly not in the same way as I do when writing for others. Thus I care instrumentally a lot about being able to assess if I a... (read more)

2Ruby5moVery quick thought: basically the reasons we haven't and might not do more in this direction is how it might alter what gets written. It doesn't seem good if people were to start writing more heavily for engagement metrics. Also not clear to me that engagement metrics capture the true value that matters of intellectual contributions.

(Habryka has an old comment somewhere delving into this, which I couldn't find. But the basic gist was "the entire rest of the internet is optimizing directly for eyeballs, and it seemed good for LessWrong to be a place trying to have a different set of incentives")

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