The text that follows is a copy-paste from the survey creator's Facebook post, shared with permission.

Asking all Cryonicists and those considering it or curious about it to... ~ Please take the Great Cryonics Survey of 2022 ~

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Take the survey if:

  1. You're signed up for Cryonics
  2. You think Cryonics is interesting but you aren't ready to sign up yet.
  3. You've decided to sign up but haven't gotten around to it yet.

The goal of this survey is to understand what makes Cryonicists tick using data rather than anecdotes. Here are some examples of the kinds of issues this survey is meant to understand:

  1. How many Cryonicists are in favor of "mind uploading" and how many are against it?
  2. How do Cryonicists think about death?
  3. How many Cryonicists suffer from some form of death anxiety?
  4. How many Cryonicists are men vs women?
  5. What differentiates Cryonicists from non-Cryonicists with overall similar mindsets?
  6. How affordable do Cryonicists think Cryonics is for them?
  7. What do Cryonicists and non-Cryonicists think about pet Cryonics, and why?
  8. How do Cryonicists identify politically?
  9. Where do people first learn about Cryonics?
  10. How do Cryonicists feel about children?

And much more!

All results are anonymous (we don't ask for names or the like). All results will be analyzed and that analysis released to the public in a few months.

Get help signing up

By the way, I've been helping people (decide whether to) sign up for years, and I'm now part of the new Independent Cryonics Educators program which supports people doing that, both logistically and financially, although I don't let this bias my recommendations. So don't hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, or email ( If you use the following code, you'll get a 50% discount on your first year of membership with Alcor: 2omojQif.

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