LW Update 4/26/2018 – Images, Events and Recent Discussion

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Smaller update (trying to get into a shorter dev cycle)

Images – We have a quick-and-dirty solution to most of the missing images from the sequences. Longterm, we plan to replace them with the higher res images from Said Achmiz's ReadTheSequences.com. Some non-sequence image links are still broken, which will be a bit more annoying to get up and running.

Events in Recent Discussion – We're still thinking about how to properly incorporate meetups (both in having them appear on the frontpage, and in having the community page be a place that people have a reason to check regularly).

But, meanwhile, we added Event posts to the Recent Discussion section, to help give them a bit more visibility. (They'll show up when someone first posts an event, and again if they event is commented on)

Shorter window of comments appearing in Recent Discussion – Some people have complained that some comments in Recent Discussion are old, which makes it harder to quickly check if you've seen all the latest things in that section. Previously, I'd made it so that if a post was recently commented on, in appeared in Discussion with all comments from the past 2 days visible.

I just shortened that window to 18 hours, hoping that'd capture enough recent comments to see the latest chunk of conversation, but no so much that you'll see a bunch of old comments over and over.

Slight Tweak to Padding on mobile – Special thanks to James Lamine who did his first open source contribution to site, updating the padding on mobile-size screens to look a bit nicer.

Link to Git Log (commit ca50a9f)

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Did you also fix search? It looks significantly neater now and not broken. (this might just be 'cause I have an admin view)

Did that last week, see here:


FYI lesserwrong.com seems to no longer work.

Yeah, looks like it specifically doesn't work with https but does work with http, looking into that next.

(It's supposed to redirect to lesswrong.com now, and it looks like something about the redirection either hasn't finished percolating through the internet yet, or is just configured wrong)