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I'm in the process of moving mindlevelup from Wordpress to a new static site hosted by Netlify. I like this because now I have more control over scripts and the visuals. It also finally puts into place my goal of having a place to have short/longform posts.

The plan is to slowly update posts and incrementally update the site.

The new site is here.

My short-form blog, Muse, has also been moved here.

RSS feeds for both main-line blog posts and short-form posts can be found the About page.

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Just curious, are you planning to migrate blog comments too? I didn't know about Netlify, but it looks very promising for what I want - a mostly static site with some support for storing form submissions - so I'm going to investigate it a bit now.

Yeah, Netlify was really easy to set up, so I recommend them!

I don't think I'll be able to migrate blog comments because I'm still not sure what I'll do for comments on the new blog, actually.

I don't want to use Disqus because it's bulky, other options cost money, so maybe a self-hosted option...

Update: currently using Remarkbox for comments.

Longterm, is the expectation that the main site will be a long list of posts or somewhat optimized as a reading experience?

Long-term, I'll probably do some more organizing to put posts into sequences / other things to improve readability.

Right now, the focus is on updating/editing old posts, so that the main page is a set of polished essays that work as standalones.

Yay making stuff yourself!