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Reference request: human as "backup"

by Yuxi_Liu 1 min read29th Apr 20194 comments


I remember reading some paper that suggests humans to take a specialized role inside super AI, like mitochondria, or like a biological "backup". The argument was that humans might have specialized functions that they can do well, like mitochondria is good at making energy. And humans might be good at surviving, so might be a good "biological backup".

I feel like it's by Vernor Vinge, but I just checked and he didn't write that. I googled around and couldn't find it either. Can you find from which paper this might have come from?

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1 Answers

I wrote something like this in "Message to any future AI" there I suggest to the future AI that humans may have some now unknown instrumental value, and thus it is no wise to kill them now (this is in the end of the post).

Also in Global solution to AI safety, again at the end, there I look at solutions where AI consists of humans and in First human upload as AI Nanny which title is self-explanatory.

You may also have read The Age of Ems by Hanson.